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Alternative to Joist.

Choosing the right construction software for your company.

Jobtable vs Joist

When comparing software products, there are several factors to consider. One important consideration is what your future goals are for your construction company. 

Joist is a great software for individual contractors without any employees. If you are someone that is okay with the status-quo and wants to maintain their small one-person business, than Joist might be a good option.

On the other hand, if you have plans on eventually growing your construction business and adding employees, you will quickly outgrow Joist. You might be better off getting started with an app like Jobtable, which can easily grow alongside your business.


Team Members

Unlimited team members



Unlimited calendar events


Partial Payments on Invoices

Manage partial payments or multiple invoice draws on jobs



Employees can log their hours every day from their device on site


Work Orders

Unlimited Work Orders

On upgraded plans only

Quickbooks integration


On upgraded plans only

Business Reports

Yes, all of the important reports to manage your construction business

On upgraded plans only

Customer Support

Online and phone support

Phone support on upgraded plans only

When you should use Joist, and when Jobtable



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